Business Advisors

Business Plans

Our Marketstrat consultant will work with you to write a professional business plan that will be specific to your business and business plan requirements.

Your business plan can be used to support proposals and submissions requested by customers, suppliers, landlords, financiers, new venture partners, tender submissions and visa applications.

Our business planning consultant will come to your premises to discuss your strategies and create your business plan document with you and your management team. This will make it easier for us to work together and gather the required information. It will also help our consultant to gain a better understanding of your business.

We will use business plan and budget templates that we have progressively developed working with many clients since 1986. We will ensure that the work is aligned to the goals you have for your business and to your specific business plan requirements.

Our business planning consultant will prepare your business plan with the following sections:
  • A succinct introduction and executive summary
  • Clearly defined short and long term objectives
  • Your vision, mission and shared values statements
  • The sales, marketing and web site strategies targeting your core markets
  • The organisational structure, people strategies, roles and responsibilities
  • Your service delivery, IT and operations strategies
  • Strategic alliance, critical resources and supplier strategies
  • Administration, accounting and reporting systems
  • Budgets, cash flow and funding analysis and requirements
  • Shareholder and stakeholder strategies, including succession planning
  • our action plan and implementation time lines
  • Supporting appendices

Once completed, your Business Plan can be used to support a submission, proposal or other specific requirement. It will also serve as a valuable document that will provide direction to you and your management team, staff and strategic partners. It will help your to anticipate and prepare for changes with the discipline of a structured planning and review process.

Our business planning consultant can help you to explain, implement and update your business plan strategies and action plans in a workshop and/or one-on-one setting.

Please send us an email to or call us on 0427 223 521 to discuss the type of business planning assistance you need. We would welcome your enquiry.

An on-site assistance with practical business strategy advice and a professional business plan…