Business Advisors

Financial Analysis & Budgeting

If you do not have a financial background and/or are finding it difficult to understand why your business is not more profitable and cash flow is tight, we can help.

Our management consultant can help you to complete a financial analyse of your business to examine your cost structures, pricing, margins, cash flow requirements and profitability. We will begin by:

  • Analysing your most recent profit and loss, balance sheet, debtors and creditor reports from MYOB, QuickBooks or your other accounting system
  • Examining the sales, margins and profitability of your customers
  • Calculating the impact of your loans, hire purchases and/or lease repayments upon your cash flow.
  • Estimating your tax and dividend commitments with assistance from your accountant

Our Marketstrat consultant will use this analysis to prepare a detailed monthly budget for the current year and expanding this into annual projections for the following two years. The budget will project:

  • Your monthly customer sales and gross profit targets
  • The pricing, mark-ups, charge-out rates and gross profit calculations
  • Your itemised overhead costs and recoveries
  • The monthly payroll costs incorporating planned changes in staff numbers
  • Your additional expenditures including loan repayments, asset purchases, dividend payments and tax commitments

The budget will show you the cost of running your business, the sales and break-even levels, and your monthly capacity and resourcing requirements.

Our consultant can also create monthly cash flow projections from the budget which will help you to fully understand your cash flow and funding requirements throughout the year.

This will highlight the impact of asset purchases, loan repayments, dividend distributions and tax payments upon your cash flow.

The financial analysis and budgets will be prepared with you at your premises and our Marketstrat consultant will ensure that you will fully understand the numbers. As with many of our clients, we like to work with your accountant as much as possible.

Please send us an email to or call us on 0427 223 521 to discuss the type of financial analysis and/or budgeting assistance you need. We would welcome your enquiry.