Business Advisors

Government & NGOs

Our marketing, business planning and management strategy consultants have assisted Government departments and the Boards and Management of not-for-profit organisations and industry associations with cost-effective on-site professional services. We understand the complexity and challenges of delivering client and member services with limited resources.

We can assist on many levels, supporting you with a range of professional services to support the growth, profitability and success of your organisation. These can include:

  • Facilitating your strategic planning workshops with your management team
  • Writing a business plan with detailed budgets for projects and funding submissions
  • Planning marketing strategies to increase income from the sale of products and services, member subscription fees, sponsorships and donations
  • Preparing proposals to create strategic alliances and cross-referral networks
  • Developing marketing plans to target new clients and members
  • Creating new content and strategies for your web site and marketing material
  • Assisting with a review of your organisational structure to support the growth of the organisation
  • Providing ongoing project management, implementation and follow-up support

Our Marketstrat consultant will work with you and your key staff at your premises, to provide the professional support that will best meet your requirements.

Please send us an email to or call us on 0427 223 521 to discuss the type of assistance you need for your organisation. We would welcome your enquiry.