Business Advisors

Marketing Consultants

Our marketing consultants can help you to plan, cost and implement practical sales and marketing strategies to grow your business.

If you have an existing business, our marketing strategy consultant will examine and discuss the structure and cost effectiveness of your current marketing to see how this can be improved. As each target market is examined, practical and affordable options to implement new strategies will be discussed, trialled and implemented.

Our Marketstrat consultant can provide you with practical marketing strategy advice and support on many levels including:

  • Evaluating the needs and profiles of your target markets
  • Developing and promoting your brand and competitive positioning
  • Exploring options and opportunities to target and develop new markets
  • Reviewing and planning the strategic development of your products and services
  • Preparing new content and strategies for your web site marketing
  • Creating practical strategies to expand and manage your referral network
  • Increasing your customer loyalty, retention and repeat business
  • Developing your sales team with targeted training, reporting and support
  • Planning and coordinating your media advertising and direct marketing
  • Improving the effectiveness of your signage, displays and presentation
  • Planning trade shows, events and sponsorship programs
  • Preparing professional tender submissions and proposals
  • Coordinating and evaluating customer surveys
  • Developing your internet marketing
  • Analysing and setting targets for your sales and margins
  • Providing project management assistance and ongoing marketing advice

Our Marketstrat marketing consultant will work with you and your sales and marketing team at your premises to provide practical and cost-effective marketing support in half or full-day sessions.

Please send us an email to or call us on0427 223 521 to discuss the type of marketing assistance you need. We would welcome your enquiry.

An-on-site marketing consultant advice to help you grow your business…