Business Advisors

Medical & Allied Health

Our marketing and management strategy consultants have many years of experience working with medical practitioners, specialists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation consultants, psychologists and allied health practitioners.

We can provide assistance on many levels to support the growth, profitability and success of your practice, business or organisation. This can include:

  • Facilitating strategic planning workshops with your practice management team
  • Writing a business plan with targeted strategies and timelines
  • Introducing marketing strategies to expand your client referral network
  • Creating new text and layout strategies for your web site
  • Completing a financial analysis to examine the costs, fee structures, margins and profitability of your practice or organisation.
  • Creating detailed budgets to achieve your growth, revenue and profit targets
  • Preparing professional proposals, marketing plans and tender submissions for new projects, ventures and government contracts
  • Reviewing your organisational structure, roles and responsibilities of your management, professionals and support staff
  • Supporting your retirement and succession planning strategies
  • Providing ongoing project management, implementation and follow-up support

Our Marketstrat consultant will work with you and your key staff at your practice, medical centre or premises to provide the professional support that will best meet your requirements.

Please send us an email to or call us on 0427 223 521 to discuss the type of consultant assistance you need for your business or organisation. We would welcome your enquiry.