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Sales & Marketing Plans

Our marketing consultants can help you and your sales and marketing team to discuss, review and plan practical and cost-effective sales and marketing strategies and create a professional marketing plan to grow your business or organisation.

Your sales and marketing plan will help you to set clear sales targets, broken down into market segments, customers, sales people and/or any other strategic categories.

The sales and marketing strategies will specify how the sales enquiries will be generated and converted in each market, targeting new and existing clients and customers. Your sales and marketing plan will ensure that each of these decisions is prioritised to achieve the most cost effective outcome for your business.

Our marketing consultant will work on site with you and your sales and marketing team to prepare your sales and marketing plan which could encompass:

  • Conducting a strategic analysis of your marketing and target markets
  • Preparing your monthly and annual sales and marketing budgets
  • Reviewing your branding strategies to strengthen your market positioning
  • Creating strategies to target new markets, customers and referral networks
  • Planning innovative product, packaging and service delivery strategies
  • Implementing new web site and internet marketing strategies
  • Planning your advertising, PR, direct marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Improving your signage, trade shows, event management and sponsorship
  • Training and supporting your sales team in achieving their targets
  • Assisting with the preparation of professional proposals and tender submissions
  • Reviewing the profitability of your sales, distribution and on-line strategies

Our Marketstrat consultant can help you and your sales and marketing team to brief, select and project-manage specialist service providers that will be required to implement your sales and marketing plan strategies. This can include web site developers, graphic artists, the media, signage contractors and printers.

Please send us an email to or call us on 0427 223 521 to discuss the type of sales and marketing plan assistance you need for your business. We would welcome your enquiry.

Practical and targeted Sales and Marketing Plans to grow your business…