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Setting-Up a New Small Business

Establishing a new business can be a very exciting and challenging adventure. Our role is to help you to navigate the pitfalls and set-up a successful business with a clear direction, budget and prioritised action plan, benefiting from our years of experience working with the owners of small businesses going on the similar journey.

A Marketstrat marketing plan, business plan and budget will provide a road map and help you to prioritise the many decisions and strategies you need to put in place. We can meet with you regularly to provide ongoing support and guidance as the business develops.

It is important that your business will be competitive, offering tangible benefits to a specific group of potential customers and markets. These have to be clearly explained, promoted and provided in order to gain repeat business and referrals that are essential to the long-term success of any business.

In the initial stages, most new businesses need to spend a higher proportion of their funds on marketing to build up the client base and referral network. As the business develops, funds have to be directed towards building capacity, whether it is people, products, plant and equipment and administration systems. If repeat business is not happening, it is likely that something is not going as well as it should with the service delivery itself and/or the customers’ perceived value of the product or service is insufficient to warrant their repeat purchase. These issues need to be anticipated, explored and addressed within the marketing planning and business planning process.

The preparation of a budget is crucial to starting a business as the costs are often underestimated and/or the lead time it takes to build up sales takes longer than expected. This is where a lot of small businesses get into trouble.

Marketstrat marketing plans, business plans, budgeting and ongoing marketing and management advice can help you to plan and set-up a successful business. This process can also be invaluable in enabling new partners to a small business to discuss and agree at the outset, on the goals and direction for the venture; their respective expectations, roles and responsibilities; and the injection of funds and resources that will be required to underpin its success.

Please send us an email to or call us on 0427 223 521 to discuss the type of assistance you need to establish, market and grow your new business. We would welcome your enquiry.

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