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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Our Marketstrat strategic planning consultant will work with you, your Board and management team to plan the strategic direction, primary goals and KPI’s in your next strategic planning workshop, encouraging the valued contribution and commitment of all participants.

We can then follow this up by providing assistance in preparing your Strategic Plan document incorporating the workshop’s decisions for subsequent approval by the Board.

Working together, we could support your strategic planning process with the following on-site assistance:

Strategic audit

Meeting with you to…

  • Review the recent history and current direction of your organisation.
  • Examine your current Strategic Plan, KPI’s and financial reports.
  • Identify the strategic focus and decisions currently being addressed by Management and the Board.
  • Analyse and discuss the industry structure, emerging trends, competition and market positioning.

Strategic Planning Workshop Preparation

Helping you to…

  • Define the specific outcomes that need to be achieved.
  • Help compile the strategic reports for distribution prior to the meeting.
  • Create the workshop material to structure and support the meeting.
  • Prepare the workshop agenda.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Facilitating the workshop to…

  • Identify and discuss the industry trends and external factors
  • Appraise the organisation’s strategic positioning
  • Analyse the strategic options and associated risks
  • Decide and prioritise the strategic direction and supporting KPI’s

Strategic Plan Implementation

Meeting with you after the planning session to…

  • Draft the Strategic Plan from the workshop
  • Prepare the Business Plan and budgets with the management team.
  • Provide implementation assistance as required

Please send us an email to or call us on 0427 223 521 to discuss the type of business planning assistance you need. We would welcome your enquiry.

On-site strategic planning facilitation and assistance…