Business Advisors

Tender Preparation

Our tender consultants can help you to discuss, evaluate and develop your tender strategies and prepare a professional tender submission, expression of interest and/or new venture proposal.

The preparation of your tender or expression of interest will be developed on site with you at your premises. This will make it convenient and easier for us to jointly access the information we will need to prepare a professional submission with all of the required attachments and appendices.

We can format and include any existing material you may have already prepared for your tender submission in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or MYOB. This material will be reviewed, expanded and reformatted as required to achieve a uniform and professional presentation.

Our tender consultant will begin by reviewing the Request for Tender (RFI) documents and then work with you on site to prepare the tender forms, schedules and appendices. This will include:

  • Discussing your proposed tender pitch strategy
  • Examining the tender selection criteria and weightings
  • Deciding how best to promote your background and capabilities
  • Reviewing your costing analysis and tender pricing strategies
  • Assembling and completing the tender RFT form and schedules, promoting your expertise, resources and capacity to complete the contract
  • Creating a professional layout, header and table of contents and compiling the appendices that might be requested including a marketing plan, business plan, insurances, profile documents and/or financial data.
  • Preparing a cover letter

Once you are awarded the contract, our Marketstrat consultant can provide further assistance with the planning, setting-up and integration of the contract into your current business. This can include assisting with budgeting, restructuring strategies and meeting the contract reporting and compliance requirements.

Please send us an email to or call us on 0427 223 521 to discuss the type of tender submission assistance you need. We would welcome your enquiry.

Professional tender strategy advice and assistance to prepare your next submission…